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24-Hour Live Operator Service

At MTM we take great pride in offering a wide range of Communication systems and services to meet your specific needs. Our management staff has many years of experience in setting up and maintaining a high level of service for you and your business. In most cases we can have you setup and begin answering your phones within one or two days. Need help figuring out what your needs are give us a call. Our staff has handled many companies with many different needs since 1980. 

MTM has operators with multiple years experience. Each operator goes through a thorough training and is completely equipped to handle your call.

Why should I consider live operator service ?

If your customers can't talk with a real person when they need to… You need us

If you miss calls for any reason… You need us

If you have to deal with emergencies or service AFTER HOURS… You need us

If you need time to catch up and don't want to answer the phone… You need us

If you want a professional image, instead of an answering machine… You need us


To Receive a Quote or Speak with a Representative

541-607-4000 or 541-766-3777