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How do I get my business started w/ an Answering Service?

First, you will need to contact us to decide on the best package to fit your needs. Once you decide on that we will let you know all the proper information we will need to service your account. Examples of things needed are a list of employees, contact phone numbers, any kind of on-call information, billing information etc. Unless you are looking for a number to give out, you will also need to get call forwarding on your main office line. After that you just let us know when you want to start and we will have things all ready for you. All you have to do is forward your phone line to us and you're done.

How long does it take to get everything up and running?

We can get your service up and running same day in most cases. If you have your company information ready and what you would like us to do with your calls we can get things going in one to two days.

Are there any setup fees to start service?

Yes. For both the Answering Service and a VoiceMail the start up fees are 1st and last month. The last month fee is held as a deposit and will be applied to your account if you give us a 30-day cancellation notice.

How do I get my Messages from the Answering Service?

There are currently three ways to getting your messages.

First, our operators can put your messages into a VoiceMail box where you can retrieve them at your convenience from any touch tone phone. (no extra charge) or,

Second, we can Fax your messages to you automatically, at a time predetermined by you. (This service is a $5.00 Flat Rate per month) or

Third, we can send you an e-mail. This e-mail will come with an attachment as a .wav file. When you double-click on that file it will play the message over the speakers on your computer.

How can I have a Professional Answering Service and still keep my costs down?

Try putting a VoiceMail in front of your live-operator service. We call this VoiceMail with Op-Revert. What this means is that when your client calls they will hear a pre-recorded greeting in your voice or ours (your choice) telling them to either "leave a message or if it's an emergency press zero and a live operator will assist you." This is a very nice way to keep your costs down and still keep a very professional image with your customers.

What if I have an on-call schedule that changes often?

This is not a problem! MTM has many years of experience dealing with on-call schedules. Currently we have one Operator, with years of experience, that handles the on-call for all our accounts. If you have a change and/or update you need to make just ask for that one specific operator and she'll be glad to help. If she is not available another operator would be glad to pass on  the information to that person, her assistant or the accounts manager.

How do I forward my phones?

The forwarding of your phones is a feature that is currently offered by the phone company and the instructions can be found in the front of your phone book. The instructions can vary depending on your service with the phone company. The most common way is by dialing *72. When you here a second dial tone, dial the number where you want the calls to go. Wait for someone to answer. ( To make sure it is forwarded dial *72 and a busy signal tells you that it is forwarded.) To Remove call Forwarding dial *73. Two quick tones followed by a dial tone means your calls are no longer being transferred. 

Isn't My Answering Machine enough?

Ask your customers how they like answering machines. If you’re missing calls because of unwillingness to leave messages, then your answering machine is not enough. The benefits of having a professional operator answering your phone cannot be underestimated. Most callers are willing to leave a message with aperson instead of a machine. And most machines can’t decide which call should be dispatched to your serviceman, or your house, or your cellular phone, or faxed to your office at 7:00am.

Why do I need you? Nobody knows my business like I do?

Absolutely! But what if you aren’t there to take the call. It’s likely the potential customer will call someone who is. A professional messaging service can be that critical link between you and a potential customer.